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Research Development 

Coastal Agency Newfoundland and Labrador Research and Development Strategies
Coastal Agency Newfoundland and Labrador Research and Development Strategies

Research Strategy

We are a small organization currently operating in Newfoundland and Labrador.  We are new, innovative and always developing new ideas. We started our organization in April 2021 and we have developed a wide variety of services that help businesses with advertising, development of ideas and innovations. Innovation and resources are what makes us unique. We are available to serve you, our clients, our followers and will serve you as well through local advertising both online and offline as well. It's interest, along with overall growth throughout development and research is the highest priority to date. Of course, with many areas of operations, we have determined a path forward and decided to create a business that works for everyone who is looking for more customers after the difficulties during COVID19. Through artistic philosophy and historical topics, we are maintaining our company thas a strong credible brand and offers integrated services to you, our clients. A plan that is realistic and sustainable for many years to come, so check our rates by calling us at 709-695-6218 or email us at for more information. Coastal Agency is here to help serve our clients as well as promote a brand that works for everyone.
The quality of the overall company, reflects who we are and how we portray the business and it's clients. We are involved in all interest within "Coastal Agency™️" and guarantee we maintain integrity, dignity and transparency throughout our endeavors and business development. Doing this throughout our operations and negotiations is our priority to ensure transparency within our business and it's endeavors. 

In order to operate and co-exist with other businesses and brands, we ensure our practices are well carried out through reason and understanding; allowing all parameters to be met a upheld during the service we provide to you. Trademarks, trade names and other affiliated brands within the company are usually made inaccessible to the public or available  to profit or gain enough financial support to operate and therefore, is held within the company until all parameters are met and carried out. Therefore, allowing for a new innovative approach towards the new idea by making it a beta test through experimental development. 

Agency On The Coast

We serve not just our immediate area, but also the entire country and worldwide through online means and through digital promotion within our organization. We're creating a business that operates across Canada and worldwide, to allow everyone to have access to our monthly subscription, digital blog or our newest addition; Dr. DigitalPhilosophy! We intend to be the greatest in our field through:
  • Advertising-promoting new updated content available today;
  • Business Development-helping others develop a new start up company through working together on a new approach;
  • Business startup-starting a new business by providing support and services available today;
  • Brand identity-development of a brand that works for the client and through designing a business plan as well as a identity;
  • Logo Authenticity- development of a logo that is authentic and original for the client and their business structure;
  • Self-Employment Services-helping clients find out the necessary ways of starting entrepreneurship and what strategies can be used;
  • Promotion Techniques-helping clients find out ways of how to develop a new approach to promoting and advertising their business online, offline and locally with strategies and authentic techniques;
  • Digital Technology-allow clients access to today's digital media that allows anyone to design, develop and research strategies in starting a company or development of a business structure;
  • Original Design-teaching clients the value and necessary information that allows development of original and authentic content. Ensuring the success of their business is original and not already developed;
  • Affiliates Available Today-allowing clients the opportunity to connect with like minded people that have the same approach to an idea but don't know how to begin!
  • Online Video Series- through YouTube and other online media platforms such as tiktok, we can help you set up a video series of your making.

Maintaining overall quality through:
  1. Artistic Nature
  2. Originally Design
  3. Philosophical Techniques
  4. Transparent Ideology
  5. Quality Value
  6. Authenticity and Originality 
  7. Transparency 
  8. Availability and Efficiency 

Research and study is valuable today since we have come so far throughout history; but then we relaspe into a time that is unnecessary and would be unfortunate; causing us to fall back into a routine where nothing happens. In order to break these old habits and move on, we have to develop new techniques and strategies. For the lessons taught to us over time and throughout history is useful and efficient, when moving forward in today's modern world. We can get access to information anywhere today weather it's online, through chatting with local business owners or development of new strategies with another person like you. We need understanding and trust in each other in order to maintain quality structure in a society by practicing transparency and loyalty. "Living peaceful is to start at home before implementing the beliefs on others"--Reference from Dr. Jordan Peterson.--

Development Strategies 

We do a lot of things here at the Agency and never without cause. By developing marketing standards and evaluating tactics available to everyone, we help those around us understand and develop techniques able to help any individual looking to promote and operate online. We also do this through allowing today's groups understand and cope with today's modern world, since change is ultimately inevitable. Either through explaining or discussion and by ensuring safety and ethical practices, while upholding integrity and standards that are needed and promoted during these times; within this era. 
A healthy lifestyle is possible through eating healthy, exercising and meditation techniques available on many platforms and applications today. Eating fruits and vegetables daily while drinking eight litres of water. This can have everlasting effects on your body and overall mental health. After drinking water over time you will even notice a feeling of hydration, less stiffness and overall feeling of well being.


We know here at our agency, through posts, comments and discussions. We know this is the best way a person can express themselves (depending on your mood and writing quality) and even then not everyone wants to posts their diary or journal online for the world to see. (Three years ago, you wouldn't catch me keeping a journal at home. I would of never published a blog or even created a website)


Throughout the lockdowns and the pandemic, we have faced many challenges and problems (considered many techniques and obligations). We have reviewed many topics in many fields such as Science, Technology, Coding (through Java, HTML, etc) and even Philosophy, Arts and Psychology and History. 

Giving way to a new type of development and understanding through today's society and social values. One that not only focuses on History within a country but History throughout our local areas and idegenous locations. A digital world where new age has become a Era of evolution, while maintaining a need to understand the past and it's triumphs and it's mistakes.


Check out our blog (called Blogancy) or contact directory to keep updated with what we do here at the agency, as we update our information weekly, daily and always frequently. We have also added a new gallery with new images available daily while old ones are changed and stored elsewhere for other uses. Updates available frequently as we are always changing and updating our webpage.