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16 Oct 2021
Coastal Agency Construction Of Website At Work 2021
Coastal Agency Construction Of Website At Work 2021

Website Construction Taking Place 

We have currently made changes to the Coastal Agency website. Due to new developments and information available for reference and a understanding of events taking place currently within our agency. 

We are working day and night to continue into phase 5 of Agenda Project 2021. A launching that has been in the work for the last year and is currently in the final stages of the project 2021. 

October is almost over and we hope this phase takes off soon. We have so much more content available and coming soon so stay tuned for more to come. Not only here on this website but Dr. Digital Philosophy as well and Digital Philosophy, a web series that is now on it's Season 4 and has 7 episodes that are original and authentic. 

We will be making changes over the next month and will keep you up to date. Thanks for viewing Coastal Agency, contact us at for more information regarding what we do here and how we can help you right away. Available 24/7 and always responds within 24 hours so message us with your questions. 

16 Oct 2021
16 Oct 2021

Phase 5-Growing & Cultivated Ideas

It is October 15th, 2021 and I have recently woken up from a great sleep. After being busy with the puppy dog and staying up for all hours of the night, I've recently got a perfect good night's rest. I needed it.

So tonight I want to start off by detailing and outlining my latest project, which is setting up a grow operation. That's right; a Cannabis Grow Operation! I've recently purchased the perfect tent, a great LED light and soon purchasing a good ventilation system. Along with all the other ingredients, I expect the process to go well.

I will soon be getting a Health Canada grow License that allows me to grow a certain amount of plants (for myself of course) and due to my anxiety and depression, I decided to try it out. Meanwhile, getting four plants ready while I'm waiting for the license (since in Canada, under the Cannabis Act 2018, it is legal to have four Cannabis Plants) so having four is alright for now.

I find Cannabis is a great product that helps with all sorts of illnesses and is great for those looking to escape modern medicine for more natural products. Myself included. I use it for medical reasons as well as recreational purposes. I've been using it for quite some time and find it has helped me during my life and all it's endeavors. 

So as I begin this endeavor I want to say I've started the germination process and will soon be ready to grow. I'll post some pictures as soon as I upload them and will be posting videos as will, on tiktok and my YouTube channel, Digital Philosophy. 

Stay tuned for updates and more to follow as we step into Phase 5 of Coastal Agencies agenda and experiments of 2021. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

11 Oct 2021
Witches Brew Original Product of Coastal Agency
Witches Brew Original Product of Coastal Agency

Witches Brew 

So with so much going on and Coastal Agency returning to full throttle, I am writing to inform you of our newest addon coming soon to the Coastal Agency website. You will enjoy our websites very own Coastal Store.

That's right, we are proud to bring you our very own shopping page that will allow you to access Amazon and what we recommend. As well as our own products such as Magical Water and our newest product,  "Witches Brew". 

Witches Brew is our newest product and available at a well established price of only $25.99/plus tax. Shipping is available as well for $35.99/plus tax. This amazing deal will allow you to add a new approach to your spells and rituals. 

With this new part of our website coming soon, if your looking to order please write us regarding WITCHES BREW at to have your order shipped to you within 3 business days.

We look forward in hearing from you at Coastal Agency and thank you for your business. Take care.

10 Oct 2021

Updates and News

I've recently updated Coastal Agency Website. Moving some articles around, adding pictures and video to highlight my new webseries on YouTube. Along with adding my tiktok videos which get quite a few views.

With some new articles added as well, this update during phase 4 will bring a ending to the phase and allow us to process what we have done so far here at Coastal Agency. 

We will still be working on this webpage and constantly updating the pages. Adding new photography and videos from my YouTube web series and tiktok, to highlight what makes Coastal Agency unique and perfect!

8 Oct 2021

Life is Bliss

We sometimes get caught up in everyday life. It gets frustrating or difficult when you try to be your best, then something happens. Sometimes out of your control or sometimes your own actions caused such problem. Either way, that's life.

Now today I am grateful and thankful for my life and endeavors that seem pointless sometimes, but has a way of working out. Of course, that's life though. When you think the worst is upon you, it turns around for the better. Funny how life is though isn't it?

Now I won't lie, the reason I haven't been so active online or keeping up with this website (or dr. Digital Philosophy even for that matter) is because my girlfriend recently got a new puppy. To be honest, he's quite the handful. Cute as hell but he can be difficult. I'll even upload some pictures later down the road but for now I'm just taking in this new experience. 

So back to my point in this blog, October 8th, 2021, 0314am; is that life is bliss and I would not have it any other way.

Thanks for reading and check out my YouTube channel at

Updated videos and now on Season 4 of Digital Philosophy. 

6 Oct 2021

A New Era, A New Age

Sometimes we don't need labels or anything besides that which we don't understand. A label can sometimes define something that may not fully allow the object or person to be understood. The label is not authentic or necessary for that matter.

We see agendas and complex eras being misunderstood as devastating doom. In reality, they are just a new beginning of a door opening to a new age. A New era is always taking place somewhere and at some time. It is inevitable!

We don't fight it or abuse it's authentication because it is unnecessary to do so. We welcome it with a new look into our modern day age as it is. 

25 Sep 2021


Today is September 25th, 2021; on a Saturday morning I sit here during this rainy day. It's a new day, filled with so many opportunities and yet I sit here, in my pajamas; doing the littlest as possible. 

I won't lie, I've been slacking on my blog maintenence and have lost access to my Dr. Digital Philosophy because of hackers (why does hackers want a site like mind anyway) and it has been a horrible experience. Hopefully I'll have access to it soon enough but until then, I wait and see.

Although I'm not sure if it is hackers or if I am personally being locked out by the companies who provide the service, due to my writings and other aspects of everyday media. It seems to happen a lot lately and people are noticing this, waking up.

We are headed into a new era and we will wonder at some point in our daily lives where we went wrong or why we didn't prepare sooner. The mockery of it all on display, through mass media,  social applications and other tech services available to humanity during this time.

The great collapse will be using the most horrible and powerful tools to break the system that has upheld mankind for many generations and many to come. We will see it go down, just as we seen it built over time. It is inevitable and necessary for everything.  

22 Sep 2021

Well Being and Time Essence

The week seems to go so fast, it's as if we never have enough time to do anything. Yet, we have all the time in the world of you look at it from a different point of view. Imagine a place without time, without days and without hours. 

What would you do then? Given you have literally all the time in the world and no system of measurement to tell you otherwise, just you and the world.

The truth is of course, that is literally how we can think today. We still require a global time frame to keep on track with everyone else but if we never used a clock and just went about our day, wouldn't it be interesting?

Having all the time in the world is not something I take for granted and I use my time wisely. Making sure to have no regret or grudges held, moving forward but maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One that includes no judgment of others but only judging myself to benefit other people, as well as myself.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn't easy and it takes time to develop proper techniques to overcome your goals and true needs. By starting with a healthy diet and drinking lots of water, anyone can be their own master when it comes to inner spirit and well being. 

Why not try it today? 

22 Sep 2021

Guess Who's Back For More?

So it's been quite a while now since I've updated this website or added anything over the last couple of weeks. First off, I lost access to my webpage and after verification, setting up a better solution for verification, I've come to realize that today it is easy to have your identity or accounts hacked. Leaving you wondering what is happening and some guy with a account that isn't theirs to begin with. 

Why is it people have the need to steal and take other people's authentic material for themselves. Leaving them with nothing but a website or application that has no value to them what so ever. What is it people see it hacking into other people's lives and stealing their material? What is the point?

So after being gone for this short time, I am back and ready to keep everyone updated and informed during this new season. The summer is slipping into the fall, causing and chill in the air. Winter is right around the corner weather we want to admit it or not. Seasons come and seasons go, throughout the year causing the complete year with all four seasons. It's all part of the mixture, nature is magnificent in her beautiful glow.

I'll be back with more throughout the week so keep posted and find out what's coming next during the year. While moving into winter, there are many new developments happening over the next month during 2021. We will keep you posted so check back later for more. 

.....and then upon reaction to the manifested outcome; everything changed! It was inevitable!

8 Sep 2021

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7 Sep 2021

Try Out A New Way To Earn Online Today

Hey guys,

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and enjoyed their labor day. We have so many deals available today and we are passing them on to you, our clients and customers who have supported us. Thanks guys!

I'm inviting you to join Intellifluence with me and get paid to do influencer reviews. If you sign up and fill out your profile, I can make a little bit of money by recruiting you; you can do this too once you're in!

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5 Sep 2021
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