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11 Jun 2021

New Day In Wind and Water...

Such a beautiful day here on the South West Coast of Newfoundland. The sun is bright, the day is warm but the wind is cold. Seems like summer is almost here but slowly making it's way here.

Today unlike many days are different since today I started up my first company ever: COASTAL AGENCY LINKS; a new business that provides delivery, rides and pick-ups through Uber and other available applications like WhatApp

The thing is, it's the beginning! The start of a new path forward that I have chosen to take upon noticing things aren't always what they seem. The thing is, not everyone can see it. So do and go on through endless slumber and sacrifice; depending. We all have different lives. Things happen and sometimes it's out of our control really.

But the things within our grasp is quite controllable. Not a mystery or unknown mystical event we don't know; because the fact is, most of us do. That's life though and through difficultly and endeavors; we all stride in different ways. Weather it's purpose known or unknown, affect versuses effect is always on the contrary. Good or bad, we all struggle at some point in our life and how we use those lessons in life can benefit us, or destroy us. 

We choose though; weather we like to admit it or not. We always have a choice! 

Enjoy people and God Bless!!

9 Jun 2021

The Eclipse 2021

Well it's finally here. Tonight is the night. It is June 9th, 2021 and tonight is the night of the lunar eclipse. It's taking place here soon, so hope your all ready for what's taking place.

It's been a while now since I've written anything or updated the website. And for that there are many reasons of course. But one is that I've been really busy. Getting everything in place and doing a lot of research and investigating. Since there is only so much time in a day, it is overwhelming trying to do the courses I've been working on.

Of course there is other things to keep in mind as well. Such as exercise, meditation and recreation. All if which are valid un maintaining a healthy lifestyle today.

But sit back and enjoy the Eclipse and hope everything is well. Leave a comment or write us anytime at

We are always happy to hear from you. See yah soon.

4 Jun 2021

Newest Addition to Coastal Agency 2021 June

Check out our newest edition to Coastal Agency is our Coastal Investors. We can now accept Investors and help us create a board of directors under the Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. We currently hold shares and are giving certain, innovative people to join our strategic plan. We want to capitalise on the Cannabis Market and want to give you the chance as well.

First off, contact us through Email, Facebook, WhatApp or even Phone. Once you reach out, let us know you are inquiring about becoming a shareholder on our Board Of Directors with Coastal Investors. Second, allow us to conduct a brief interview ensuring you are qualified to become a shareholder with our company. Third, we may ask you for information, documents and references to ensure you are a upstanding individual and has no criminal past or records. Then we go from there. 

For more information regarding our newest addition to Coastal Agency, click here now!! To contact us, our information is located here!

24 May 2021
Cartoon image of me John Skinner May 24th, 2021
Cartoon image of me John Skinner May 24th, 2021


It's been a lovely day so far. One shared with relatives, friends and pets. Rico, one of my best buddies, had his hair cut and now he looks great. Today I spent time with my girlfriend and actually got to cuddle with her, which is always sweet. I always enjoy times when I can settle down, especially when it's with her.

During my hectic days, I study, research, and switch between topics. Of course, I'll never be able to accomplish anything. Or read everything there is to read, yet one can still imagine and savour in the mundane. The morning sunrise and the experience of a new day is a blessing we all have. Opportunity is all around us, and what we do with it is what matters. "We reap what we sow," says the proverb.

Rico, my girlfriend's puppy, is pictured on the above, and he thinks the world of me. I think a lot about him as well. He's a dog with a lot of intelligence.

As I sit here, I'm soaking up all of the social interactions and enjoying time with both my friends and my partner. There's so much to appreciate. That is why I have chosen the direction I am currently on. I'm going to spend more time with my family. Meeting new people and learning from them, as well as learning about yourself, is a great way to spend time.

When I think about the important people in my life, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am fortunate to have close friends and family. To say I'm lucky is an understatement. However, one thing is certain: my friends do not appear out of nowhere. They're all different and special in their own way.

I've grown to value the moments I've had more than the money I've won in my life of chasing the almighty dollar. At the time, I had no choice but to do so because my lifestyle was both costly and unsustainable.

I used to be ungrateful all of the time. Still taking things for granted, always believing that I could do things that were beyond my capabilities. Self-doubt and allowing myself to fall into jobs and communities that were not right for me. It gave me sadness and sorrow, but it was a difficult lesson for me to remember.

These days, I'm grateful and filled with joy and happiness. It is what defines me as an individual. It is who I am and I hold all that is dear to me, close! 
15 May 2021

Your Legacy Today

Another day, another dollar. While writing and working by online means, I have learned a lot about publishing and writing content over time. Despite the fact that I do not have a university degree, I have done a lot of reading and studies over the course of my life; engaging in conversations with a variety of people in my life. Some who include: High-ranking scientists, Government Officials, Engineers, and even Captains. Talking and paying attention to all these people throughout my life as allowed me to understand the value of life. Each of us have value and prosperity, that benefits others if you act accordingly.


Many people have told me that time is of the essence. We will feel as if we have a lot, but in fact and in comparison to history, we have very little. I'd describe it as succinctly and to-the-point. A precise amount we each get and what we do with our time is up to each of us. We can waste it, use it wisely or enjoy it. I find there are even times when we get to do all three, given the circumstances. 

So far this year, I've lost a lot of close friends either to death or a change in lifestyle. I watched and paid close attention, as many of those who were left behind went on with their lives. It's actually bittersweet if you think about it! Don't you think so?

We leave too much behind when we leave. Our memories are held by our family, friends, cousins, nephews and nieces; the ones left to tell your story. How you were and what you stood for while you were alive, and these people will tell your story. They are the ones who will carry on our tradition, our legacy. 
So, whatever you leave behind, make it a remembrance of grace and hope. A memorable image of who you were and what you stood for!

Skinner J.Tyler ©️

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