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19 Jul 2021
Image of Skyline from Port Aux Basques,  Newfoundland & Labrador
Image of Skyline from Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland & Labrador

There's Always A Time To Blog

So it been a while since I last blogged on here. I've been busy! Busy working on my re-invented website named "Dr. Digital Philosophy", which is an older site but I decided to bring it back through a new image.

Giving way to this entrepreneurial idea that I know will be a good learning experience, I am blogging daily and going to move my blogs to more than one a day. Adding images and articles daily and keeping updated through today's trends. Providing a service that everyone can rely on.

The night is so beautiful with its pink skyline in the background. I took the picture from Port Aux Basques while stopped at the local gas station. I like how the view and night sky makes a remarkable photograph. If only all nights could be so calm and glorious. Wouldn’t that be nice? Wouldn't that be a treat?

16 Jul 2021


It's so foggy out there today!

And head out around the mountains, turn left and drive towards the valley and It's sunny. Warm and beautiful day with not a bit if fog in sight. Isn't that how you see it sometimes though? 

The grass always seems greener on the other side it seems. 

Today went well! It was busy today say the least. I've been driving now for more than a month and I see potential in the market. Allowing a group of people who enjoy a quality service that's dependable and reliable. Who wouldn't want that service?

Check out our new updated page at Dr Digital Philosophy:



-Check out our updated blog and don't forget to add your thoughts by leaving a message in the comments. 

15 Jul 2021

New Day, New Chapter

Check out the above link for a new approach to updating a website called "DR. DIGITAL PHILOSOPHY". Where digital applications are used for expressing the philosophy of modern day era. One where everyone can thrive throughout the day by using practical techniques. Ones such as:

  • Meditation Techniques: using your ability and breathing to clear one's mind. Considering that your body has the ability to relax and maintain a balance within. Anyone can do it! It just takes practice, patience and dedication. 
  • Exercise Daily: running, jogging or even walking is always a good way to start your day since exercising helps maintain the muscles in your body. Keeping your weight down as well as maintaining a stable cardia.
  • Eating Habits: fat, sugar and even bread can have negative affects in your body. Eating too much can lead to high blood pressure, weight problems and mental fatigue can also play a factor. 
  • Sleeping Daily:to maintain all of these habits and presumably follow through, we also need a good night's sleep to rest and re-balance our body and mind.

So again, feel free to browse our blog or check out our new Image Page updated frequently and don't miss out on our new updated Dr. Digital Philosophy.

July 15th, 2021 Author Original©️

13 Jul 2021

A day for Resignation....

Well I never thought I'd see this day but here it is(feels like I'm in the twilight zone sometimes). Anyway my official letter of resignation has been filed today as of July 13th, 2021. 

Anyway I thought I would share the letter amongst you and hope you have some feedback on the matter.

July 13th, 2021 (0736pm/Tuesday Evening)

Please accept my greetings to whom it may concern;

I; John Tyler Skinner, would like to hear by, under PRI# 039 675 181; will be resigning from the Canadian Coast Guard on August 1st, 2021, to seek other opportunities. I am grateful for all of the possibilities that the Canadian Coast Guard has provided me, but I believe that opportunities elsewhere are much better endeavored during this time. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I wish you the upmost appreciation giving me an opportunity with the Canadian Coast Guard. 


John Tyler Skinner 

13 Jul 2021

Unknown Accustomed 

Somehow; there appears to have been a lot of misinformation and secrets buried like a few bones in someone's back yard by a dog. Unfortunately, as we've seen before, nothing is ever truly concealed! At least not for long! 

It is a new day, new adventure and a new journey onward! We are presented with a warm beautiful day, allowing summer to come back again. 

Moving ahead;
Today, like yesterday, is a fascinating day. I'm currently working on a project that a year ago I would have never imagined was possible or even worthwhile. But, as I've mentioned recently, a lot has changed in a short period of time.

But it's not only with me; I've noticed that a few folks have become more self-aware and accepting of who they are. It appears that they are both who they are and who they were. But moving on there is more to discuss, such as Summer!

Summer is one of my favourite seasons. There are so many things to accomplish and so little time. Investigate the routes that wind through the trees. Take a deep breath of summer air and inhale deeply. I was born in the summer, with the sign "Cancer" on my birth certificate. It's the crab that I've been accustomed to and I'll always be!

I've always loved seeing fires dance and twirl without being judged. I recall playing the guitar and singing songs. Songs about lost loves, a girl who went away, and happier times when joy was heard. Dancing with friends and family, singing together all night, wishing the night would never stop.
I'm starting to worry if we'll see a lot of laughter and joy this summer.

The standards and laws that we use as a civilization to maintain society and masses of cultures in order. Naturally, with the appropriate prudence and prudence among the masses of humanity. Chaos, on the other side, would plunge humanity into a condition of self-destruction and the annihilation of the unknown. Not only is humanity harmed, but the ecosystem is also harmed. With reference to "Socrates" and "Aristotle," this book also explored the norms and how we as a civilization apply laws to keep society and masses of cultures in order.

13 Jul 2021

Another beautiful, bright morning with blue, clear skies. As I view the outside scenery, looking forward to a new day and new development. I realize, I have a huge amount of work to do this morning and today is the day to do it! As the saying goes, "Why not do today, what you can't do tomorrow". 

Procrastination isn't a helpful thing and during the path I am currently taking; it cannot be used or active during my endeavors. Of course no one should give in to procrastinating, since it only allows further distraction from the task at hand. Sometimes getting overwhelmed and exhausted is inevitable but how does one defeat that?

Well, first off; I have been taking some online classes, learning a new language and learning new skills through online presentations. Available to anyone wanting to develop new skills and techniques for today. Using meditation techniques and breathing skills to help with everyday stress and anxiety. This allows a well maintained lifestyle and helps with social networking and gatherings of large groups.

One thing I enjoy is the new routine I have developed and taking everything into consideration. It's easy to get lost into judgmental personality characteristics; but overall a blank page is the way to start a new story. Starting of from the beginning is the only way we can move forward today, allowing for past mistakes and obligations to fade away. This allows a new path to a new approach on everyday life and how we live.

Today is July 13th, 2021 and it is a Tuesday morning, with the birds chirping in the background and the gentle breeze blowing quietly through the trees. I take another drag off my cigarette as I take in the day, analyzing it's beautiful imagery. It's coldness is felt during the morning rays as the sun rises over the mountains.


I snapped a picture this morning that I thought was related to summer and to this blog as well. The thorne bush outside has begun to develop flowers, white roses to be exact. Such beautiful white roses that come out only certain times of year during the spring and into the summer. Another part of summer I enjoy; flowers! 

Flowers are a part of summer and when things begin to grow, manifestation of the earth. All part of life and the circle of seasons. We all go through a life cycle over time, like the flower. We grow over time, drinking water and developing until we wither and die. It's all a part of the life cycle all living things go through. Through development and growing, our beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Flowers; a beautiful sign of a new season, that develops and endures!

13 Jul 2021

John 8:7 King James Version

John 8:7 (KJV)-So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."

Such inspiration in the words of Jesus Christ. When I read the Bible, I usually read John. I find John is peaceful and calming during times of hatred and confusion amongst the world. 

This verse inspires since Jesus said this to protect the woman from the hurt and hatred of the people. Today we see this as we usually judge others quickly before judging ourselves. Maybe if we judge ourselves first, before judging others; we would be much more patient and passionate towards those around us.

Since writing this blog, a lot has come clear and in focus. New topics and related material has come to light and the truth has been revealed. If we search our own life for answers, then we can see what lays upon our path.

Of course this has been misinterpreted many times throughout our lives. Hurt many people and even today cause strife and fighting all over the world. But peace isn't that difficult if we consider the word peace. What it means to be in peace and sow it daily! 

The dove, so beautiful and so righteous returned a leaf back to Noah as a sign of land close by. It brought peace of mind to the people of the Ark; knowing that not long off was a new land to settle. The dove was seen as a sign of new beginnings and peace; amongst ourselves. 

Peace and tranquility are all that we need to see and be thankful for the way we run ourselves; are how our daily lives will be. Be thankful and have faith, for everyone has a chance of redeeming themselves and the dove shows us a chance for new beginnings. So; take care and God Bless! 🙏 


12 Jul 2021

Another Day In July

Another day has gone by and here we are, July 12th, 2021. A lot more been happening since recovering from COVID19. Alot has changed since the last month. We are in the Summer Solitude and the Sun still in Cancer ♋ and Moon now moved into Leo ♌, we can experience family and home activities during this time.

After thinking about everything and this new year, this new season. I've come to see things in a different light, as I usually do. Things have changed drastically and nothing is the same. Many new items are presented to us daily and we look forward without completion of our current tasks. This is prostration and is something I do(weather I like it or not, I'm just being honest with myself).

It's such a beautiful day with the sun shining bright and the heat feels nice on my skin, I take in the blue sky that is magnificent beyond explanation. As birds sing in the distance, the sound of lawn mowers and bikes drawing near are always nice to hear. With the sound of the motor ripping through the area, it's sound is something I've always enjoyed. It makes the summer what it is of course!

Everyday starts new with the day before unfolding into the next, drawing forward to the next day. With the present time being all we experience. As it should be! We are always changing bit by bit and minute by minute. Even without realizing it most of the time. It's inevitable!

So as I write another entry into this blogancy, I realize my own ignorance and sometimes thats what makes it bliss. But don't we all share some sort of ignorance into some regard or subject we don't quite understand? Isn't it what makes us human?

10 Jul 2021

Buried In Dirt

So; here we are:

Another fine day working on designing and development strategies online. Carrying out my book keeping abilities by working on building a accurate financial plan. One that is available immediately upon forecasting future development and key financial costs.

Working on a project I never thought would be possible or even worth taking on about just a year ago. But as I say lately; a lot has changed within a very short time. Not just with me though; I noticed a few people have become more aware and open minded about who they are. Who they are and who they were it seems.

We come to see over time through and through, the horrors of the world. (Although, the is so much good and beauty in this world,  there are those who rather cause hurt) By evil manifestation taking place, that oozed dread and pain from every corner of this world. It’s horrible what’s been going on for years now and covered up for so long.

I guess that’s the sad thing about covering up certain items. It’s the same when a dog buries an old bone; it usually turns up afterwards! Surprised? You shouldn’t be because nothing stays buried forever! Nothing!

All things that are hidden, will find a way to surface eventually. But how twisted and mad can one be to hide such things? (Anyone see Dexter? That didn’t end well for him).

It seems a lot of misinformation has been going on and secrets covered up like a few bones buried by a dog in someone’s back yard. Unfortunately, as we seen many times before…..nothing stays hidden! Not for long anyway.

Moving forward;

Today is a interesting one for me, like yesterday; the Sun is currently ruled by Cancer ♋ and the Moon 🌙, which is Cancer's star; is ruled by Cancer as well! This is a day where artistic nature takes form through creativity and home is where the heart is for a moon child like me.

But it’s time to get back to another day in taking on a task I’ve never thought possible; entrepreneurship and starting my own business. A business that is built by me, John Tyler Skinner. And not just a business or company, but a brand that one day will be recognized by everyone! Even long after I’m gone, Coastal Agency has established a great startup and now during the development of a Android App, we hope to see you soon!


Meditation is always a great way to develop understanding, forgiveness and inner wisdom! There’s always a way”

1 Jul 2021

Memorial Day 

Today is July 1st and it's Canada day for most people throughout our great nation but for others, it's Memorial Day here in Newfoundland and Labrador. A day when men gave their life to fight against freedom of speech, the rights of men and being brave during their last moments of their life in dirt, sand and blood; to protect and uphold what they believed in. Amen!

We have forgotten certain parts of our history and how our brothers, Fathers and Fore-Family gave their lives to help many today. All in the name of peace and freedom. But do we have freedom? Do we have rights anymore? 

Covid has changed how many view laws and regulations while confusing signs in the window as the sake type. Very dangerous when thinking about state and Federal laws compared to temporary repercussions. How many know the difference? How many people feel they have rights these days?

We do of course and all based on how one goes about his/hers day. The more we think and listen, the more we begin to understand where we are and where we are going. Scared yet? Don't be since it's all humanity has ever known and that's change. Weather we accept it or not; the world changes, we change as people and sometimes things cannot be explained through science or religion. Since most of our theories are off anyway given how fast we travel through time (and with entropy) we constantly evolve. Transcending forward isn't new; it's part of a cycle called life!

So don't freak out; don't lose track; just move forward into the future through present day moments. Moments that make up our very future. Things move and travel at such a rate of speed we couldn't begin to understand anyway. But good luck guys and contact us for questions and concerns @ or through our website. We are always available and hope to help anyway we can! Take care guys!

30 Jun 2021

Something A Little Different 

So it's now the end of June and we are currently in the summer with the sun shining and much more good weather on the way coming over the summer. During this Summer we will be offering many new updates and photographs through our Online Business "COASTAL AGENCY™️". New designs, literature,  poems, music and much more. 

We have currently made a taxi, courier and delivery service available 24/7 and still developing over the course of this Summer! We will be offering rides, discounts and promotions all summer long. Hosting a variety of live events, video and articles through our brand.

We call it; "COASTAL LINKz"

So to get started, I would like to welcome you to our newest endeavor during this week; "Coastal Agency™️ Original Photography." Our current website has a "Coastal Gallery" but updates during the week will extend our newest updated business forward through photographs, articles and enriching our gallery page. 

"Original Photography"

Check out our original and edited videos, for new everyday of the week, photographs taken often and other articles related to our project "Agenda:2021". Artist who are local, nearby or from a distant age unknown to many and observed by few. I will update and keep links posted so check out our newest endeavor at:"COASTAL ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY". Available on this website here!


Of course that's not all we have in store......

Here at Coastal Agency™️ there is a required amount of strategic planning put in place to uphold and distribute misconception and debunk false information. Easy done sometimes even when it requires little to nothing at all. As the saying goes: 

"Strike the shearpard and the sheep will scatter" 

Quite an interesting quote and there are lots of them. Old saying come from folk tales and stories of passage to educate people through a proxy. A proxy used to help understand and digest to understand. 

23 Jun 2021
Coastal Agency Newfoundland Link to support Fundraiser Event Agenda 2021
Coastal Agency Newfoundland Link to support Fundraiser Event Agenda 2021

GoFundMe 2021

Started up a new fundraiser to help get the business started and ready for what's coming next. There is much work to prepare for and so much more to do with preparing for this year's event! Hope to hear from you soon. 

We are currently looking to develop a business that operates and works with everyone in the local community and areas surrounding. Through fundraising events and other activities we will be providing local services and preparing events through many applications. To help achieve these goals we will use all necessary tools at our disposal to help achieve and carry out Agenda:2021.

A new era has arrived and Summer 2021 is finally here! We have been busy here at Coastal Agency developing strategy and potential operations to help start up a project that will help serve everyone. Today marks a great time to inform everyone about Agenda:2021 and what it means to you. Check out our link to our Fundraiser here:

First off, we are a small business start up called "Coastal Agency" and maintains transparency through online content and well written,well structured development strategies. That help provide local services and applications surrounding who we are. What we do with our brand is no mystery and we ensure you there is more to come! So please check out Coastal Agency for updates and developments! 

23 Jun 2021
Picture of the Week June 2021 Coastal Agency Original Content Available
Picture of the Week June 2021 Coastal Agency Original Content Available


Today is June 23rd, 2021 and our newest feature to Coastal Agency is our Picture of the week! Of course this current photograph hmwas taken and edited by myself, John Skinner; I am requesting anyone who has photos they would like to send to my business email at: --->email us your photos today and we will post approved photos on our website in our blog weekly. Hope to hear from you soon and good luck! 

The top photo is a scenery picture of Cape Ray Newfoundland but is edited through an application for effect and manipulated design; respectively. This image is original and contributed by Coastal Agency. 

Have a great day guys and remember to check out our new service:

Updated frequently and always reliable!

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