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Welcome To Coastal Agency 

Welcome to Coastal Agency Website! We are happy to provide you with updates and information regarding who we are and what it is we do. 

During the last year, Coastal Agency has taken on many endeavors such as the launching of Coastal Linkz. Coastal Linkz was a taxi service that was set up to figure out if a other taxi service could operate within the local Channel-Port-Aux-Basques area (in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada)? Unfortunately, it wasn't a feasible option due to current taxi services and shuttles providing quality services day to day. 

Since then so much has happened and there is so much yet to come so stay tuned and check back for my updates, news and opportunities here at Coastal Agency!

Coastal Agency Homepage Image 2021, Site Design Original Image
Coastal Agency Homepage Image 2021, Site Design Original Image

Our Mission:

Coastal Agency: is committed to developing a modern, transparent website and professional organization that works for it's clients, with it's clients, viewers and followers; to establish a overall reputation that helps everyone within the agency as well as those who use the agencies services and products. We are a organization that connects with people, communities, and clients through online blogging applications that are available today. Offering many services through our development plan for Phase 5 of our agenda (offline availability upon location radius is also possible, depending on location). We provide services by assisting others and delivering inexpensive ads online and locally that are effective, reliable and provide a quality service. We have services and resources available at the click of button and you can order right away using our contact page. This is our mission in establishing Coastal Agency, owned and operated by JohnTylerSkinner; Sole Proprietor and Owner/Operator of the company and it’s brand.

Innovative Techniques That Apply

Here at Coastal Agency, we offer public related services that provide effective advertising services and through offline promotion, our services are reliable and affordable to anyone looking to promote their business or event. 

Our local business is located on the South West Coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Providing excellent services and projects throughout our entrepreneurship strategy currently in Phase 4 of the development and moving forward towards the outcome of our development. We are ready now to take your questions today so reach out to us, we are always ready and available to you.

We are currently developing new tools, new technologies and applications available through Android and IPhone software. This new approach takes on many hours of work, developing websites and other online resources. We are currently at PHASE 4 of our experiment; "PROJECT EXPERIENCE 2120". Creating takes time and to be 100% original we have to research the content to ensure authenticity, especially when we blog or produce videos for Digital Philosophy and when we write information that is authentic. The development of our application is underway but won't be available until 2022 for launch of our first application known as an app. We hope to have started a base network of loyal followers on TikTokSnapChat, Instagram and WordPress; allowing our business to grow and thrive during these modern times. This will allow us, as a company and business, to continue on and grow within the next year or two. Since there is so much going on with our agency, we have postponed the development of a mobile app to next year. This allows us to cover all grounds of development when making and promoting a new application allowing bugs and development to work upon launching. Launching a product that is reliable and efficient for you; the client and everyone using the app.

So stand by for the launch of our new application, new updated Digital Philosophy  web series online, making progress through our entrepreneurship endeavors, offering our newest service that takes time and works with our clients, promoting ads online and locally. We hope to see you soon so stay posted and updated here at Coastal Agency. 

What is Coastal Agency? 

Coastal Agency is a new development that allows us here at the agency to find out what our clients are looking for in advertising and what interest them. Then we take that idea and promote it throughout the area, diving deeper into how we can help them proceed further over time and with little effort. Then we can extend the preferred service to other businesses that promote and inform individuals about local businesses throughout the west coast of Newfoundland, spreading ads by word of mouth as well as online and that's what counts in today's world. Being able to trust someone these days is hard but we maintain and uphold transparency when working with clients.