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Welcome to Coastal Agency, a organization that connects with viewers using social media such as YouTube channels, websites and other popular social networks. Tiktok, Snapchat and other social media platforms offer entertainment, services and subscriptions; that allow users to access premium content. 

During this phase of development we are updating our website and adding some new images, new articles and information related to our newest endeavor; Dr. Digital Philosophy which can be reached at for blog articles and more.

Age Restriction Policy 19+

Thank you and enjoy our newest development of Coastal Agency. Access beyond this webpage is restricted to those who are 19 and over. 

Email us or for more information regarding what we do and how we promote.

Don't forget to check us in our daily updated Blog that features many topics theough Dr. Digital Philosophy at and feel free to comment (positive and negative comments welcome). We keep updated and offer great insider services for those looking for special access to Dr. Digital Philosophy VIP Subscription. 

Check out Digital Philosophy on YouTube that features Season 1 through to our current Season 5 (Adults 19+ For Season 5) and hope you enjoy our website and Web-Series. Thank you for your support from Dr. Digital Philosophy and all of us at Coastal Agency. 


Coastal Cannabis is now in the process of setting up a grow operation
Coastal Cannabis is now in the process of setting up a grow operation

We Haven't Changed That Much

Coastal Agency is a agency that provides unique services that promote commercial business, advertise clients and help get your identity out there for everyone to see. 

We promote online Cannabis Ordering Online (within the country of Canada only) such as Gold Dreams. 

Gold Dreams offers some of the highest quality products. The prices are affordable and reasonable for such high standards like Gold Dreams.

Quality Cannabis and grown right here in Canada 🇨🇦  Order today for your promo discount along with a 20 dollar sign up (you get the $20)

Sign up today and enjoy Coastal Agency. For more questions you can email us or reach us by phone. Call today!

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